Why Do You Need Green Leaf Waste Services?

Green bushes of marijuana. Close up view of a young medical marijuana cannabis bud

As a grower, processor, distributor, or other business involved in the cannabis trade, you will unavoidably produce cannabis waste of some kind.  Equally as unavoidable are the various government dictated laws and regulations concerning how you must dispose of that waste or whether you yourself can even legally dispose of it at all.  

Improperly discarding or disposing of cannabis can generate unnecessary problems for your business with costly consequences.  Green Leaf Waste is a licensed disposal service that can help you deal with your cannabis waste legally, economically, and efficiently.  


Our Services

Waste Management Assessment

  • We’ll set an appointment that’s convenient for you


  • We will work with you to evaluate your business needs


  • By the end of the appointment we will provide you with a waste management plan including cost

Container Delivery and Pick Up

  • Delivery and pickup of state required and approved secured waste receptacles


  • Multiple receptacle sizes available


  • All receptacles are labeled according to state law


  • Flexible scheduled waste receptacle delivery and waste pick-up

Track and Trace

  • All waste is tracked from pick up to disposal


  • All activity is accurately detailed and documented on a digital manifest

Secured and Compliant Disposal

  • Processing takes place in a secured and monitored facility


  • All processing procedures meet current OMMA rules and regulations


  • All processing procedures are environmentally friendly

We Can Manage These Waste Products

Unhealthy or unusable marijuana

Unhealthy or unusable plants

Plant trimmings

Growing medium


Unused or expired edibles

Unused or expired oils or extracts

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